Hockley Hills

Hike leader: Jennifer Rowbotham

Date: July 10

How to get there

Map to Hockley Hills Click on the map to enlarge it.

  1. Take Highway 401 to Highway 410.
  2. Drive north on Highway 410 until it becomes Heart Lake Road.
  3. Follow Heart Lake Road to Mayfield Road and turn left (west) on to Mayfield Road
  4. Follow Mayfield Road to Highway 10 (Hurontario).
  5. Turn right (north) on to Highway 10
  6. Continue north on Highway 10, past Highway 9 and through Orangeville until you get to Hockley Rd
  7. Turn right on to Hockley Rd and go about 4.5 kilometers.
  8. The Bruce Trail crosses Hockley Road where 2nd Line EHS intersects with Hockley Rd from the south (Our hike continues on the Bruce Trail north of Hockley Rd)
  9. Park on the south or north side of Hockley Rd
  10. Wait for the rest of the hikers to arrive (at 11:30 a.m.)

Note: 2nd Line EHS intersects at an angle running from the SW into Hockley Rd, so keep watch on the odometer. If you've gone 5 kilometers, you've gone too far! And if you reach Airport Road (alternate route up to Hockley Rd), about 11 kilometers from east of Highway 10, you've really missed the starting point!


Fairly difficult.

This hike is also sometimes call Hockley Valley. It runs up and down hills mostly. The area is mostly wooded with good shade. Hiking boots are recommended.

Bring lots of water.

Hike start time

11:30 a.m.

Admission Fees


Aprés Hike

We can stop afterwards at Mono Cliffs Inn at Mono Centre or maybe Kelseys on Highway 10 outside Orangeville.

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