Date: September 20

Hike Leader: Howard Gibson

Alton is an old park with a piece of the Bruce Trail running through it to connect to the Grand River trail. The Grand Valley Trail starts just north of Alton.

The park now is being maintained by Ontario Nature Network Groups, and the Alton Grange Association

Directions there

Parking at the site is limited. We would really appreciate it if you would show up at Yonge and York Mills for carpooling.

Alton is located up Highway 10, near Caledon. Starting from York Mills, and detouring around downtown Brampton...

The hike starts at 11:30am.

Level of Difficulty

The terrain is Level 1, although there is one big hill. This is a great lunch spot. We will do about ten kilometers, so this one is fairly easy. The speed will be moderate.