Cheltenham Badlands

[Bob and Jonathan at Cheltenham Badlands June 2008]

Date: Sunday October 25

Hike Leader: Bob Freeman

The group shot is at the Boston Mills Cemetary. The Cheltenham Badlands is a nifty feature, definitely worth a hike. Here are a couple of links on it...


  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 410
  2. Go north on Highway 410 to Mayfield Road. They have re-routed the highway, and it no longer connects with Heart Lake Road going northbound.
  3. Go west (left) on Mayfield Road to Highway 10. The intersection is poorly marked, so pay attention. There is a Tim Horton's on the south east corner, and a Petrocan station on the Northeast corner.
  4. Take Highway* 10 north to RR12, Olde Baseline Road, and make a left Look for a coffee shop on the northwest corner.
  5. Continue west on Olde Base Line Road past the Caledon Country Club on the left. After McLaughlin Rd and Chinguacousy Road, the Badlands will appear on the left.
  6. Drive past them to Creditview Road, and make a left.
  7. Drive about one kilometer south to a curve to the left with parking on the left side of the road. There is no parking lot.

The hike begins at 11:00am.


Apré hike, we will probably check out the Terra Cotta Inn.