Crawford Lake

Date: Sunday 2009 November 22

Hike Leader: Gerry Dombrower

Crawford Lake is a crater lake located in the Milton area. This is the site of a provincial park which features a re-constructed indian village, and an indoor lunch facility.


Crawford Lake approx 1997

Crawford Lake Conservation Area is located at Steeles Avenue and Guelph Line, five kilometers south of Highway 401, and fifteen kilometers north of the Q.E.W.

  1. Take Highway 401 west to Guelph line south, Exit 312. This is the next exit after Highway 25.
  2. Take Guelph Line south through Campbellville. It becomes Main Street at some point.
  3. Turn left (east) at Steeles Avenue. At this point, it is a gravel road.
  4. Drive to the interpretive centre.
  5. The hike starts at 11:15am.


There is an admission fee of around $5 to get into the park. The hike is around 12K, and of intermediate difficulty.

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