Glen Haffy South

Hike Leader: Jim Thomas

Date: Monday May 23

Let's do the trails south of Glen Haffy!


  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 409. 409 is the highway that goes to the airport.
  2. Take Highway 409 to Airport Road. Turn north, right.
  3. Drive north on Airport Road. Glen Haffy is just south of Mono Mills, some distance north.
  4. As you go north, you will pass through the town of Caledon East.
  5. As you approach Glen Haffy, you will pass Charleston Sideroad, County Road 24.
  6. Look for Coolihan's Sideroad on your right (east). Turn right onto this.
  7. Look for the Bruce Trail signs and park on the side of the road.

If you reach Glen Haffy Conservation Area or the traffic lights at Highway 9, you have gone too far.

An alternate route is to go up Highway 400 to Highway 9. Turn west on Highway 9, and look for Mono Mills and Airport Road. Turn left, south, and look for Coolihan's Sideroad on your left (but still east).


The area around Glen Haffy is hilly. The hike will go twelve to fourteen kilometers at a moderate pace. This hike is intermediate.