Hockley Valley

Date: Monday May 24

Hike Leader: Jim Thomas

For Victoria Day weekend, we are hiking on Monday, Victoria Day! This hike is on the south side of Hockley Valley.


  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 409.
  2. Take Highway 409 west to Airport Road.
  3. Go north on Airport Road.
  4. Continue north on Airport Roead through Caledon East, to Highway 9.
  5. Continue north about four kilometers past Highway 9.
  6. Turn left on 5th line Mono, which is a paved road.
  7. Go approximately a kilometer and a half and turn right onto 5th line EHS and park right on the corner on the right hand side.

The hike will start at around 11:15am.


The hike will be twelve to thirteen kilometers with lots of hills. Wear your hiking boots and be ready for a workout.

Jim plans to stop at the Caledon Inn on the way home.