Hoggs and Eugenia Falls

Date: Saturday June 12

Hike Leader: Alan Backlund

This is at the south end of Beaver Valley. We will see two large waterfalls on two rivers, a 360 degree lookout, several smaller 9 waterfalls, high meadows, and very little road. We will be fording a creek.

This is a fairly long drive, but it is Saturday. You can get home late!


We are going about 150 kilometers, and it should take about an hour and forty five minutes.

  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 400 (10 km).
  2. Take Highway 400 north to ON-89/Simcoe Rd 89 (54 km). Head west toward Cookstown/Alliston.
  3. Take ON-89/Simcoe Rd 89 west to King's Highway 10 (19 km). Turn right.
  4. Take King's Highway 10 north to Flesherton (35 km). Turn right onto County Rd-4 (Collingwood St).
  5. Take County Rd-4 east to "East Back Line" (1.6 km). Turn left.
  6. Take "East Back Line" to Lower Valley Rd (0.9 km). Turn right.
  7. The parking lot is on the west side of Lower Valley road about 800m north of East Back Line.

We will get started at noon.


This hike will go about twelve kilometers. It is rated difficult. Since the hike is on Saturday, we can stay up there late.