Date: Sunday November 28

Hike Leader: Bill Baird

This is a new hike, mostly. No fooling!


  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 400. Highway 400 is accessible from westbound 401 only from the collector lanes.
  2. Take Highway 400 north to Major Mackenzie and turn left (west).
  3. Drive through Weston Road and Pine Valley Drive.
  4. Turn right onto Islington Avenue.
  5. Drive past the McMichael Gallery sign, and Kleinburg Public School, both on the right.
  6. At Stegman’s Mill Road, turn right.
  7. On your right, turn into Bindertwine Park.

We will try to start at 11:15am.


This is mostly a loop trail south. There is very little road. The first half is on the Humber River trail. There are some hills. We will do about 11 kilometers. This is a rough estimate, we can add more if needed.