Terra Cotta

Hike Leader: Jim Thomas

Date: Monday October 11

This is Thanksgiving weekend, and we are hiking on Monday, not Sunday.


If you are driving, and it is at all convenient for you to do so, please show up at Yonge and York Mills. This is a win-win situation. You can have company, a navigator and gas money. You can combine with other drivers and save wear and tear on some of your cars. It is good for the environment, and some of our destinations have marginal parking.

Thank you.

[Group Photo]

Composite photograph at Terra Cotta by Alan Backlund, October 2006


The entrance fee now is $4.75 per person, and usually, there is someone at the gate to collect it. You have been warned.


The Hike starts at 11:15 am. It runs for ten to twelve K. This is of intermediate difficulty with a fairly fast pace, and hilly sections.