Webster's Falls

Hike Leader: Jennifer Robotham

Date: Sunday July 12

Directions There

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  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 403.
  2. Take Highway 403 to its temporary end at the QEW.
  3. Take the QEW west towards Hamilton.
  4. Near Hamilton, the QEW splits into two expressways. Stay on the right, Highway 403.
  5. Take Highway 403 seventeen kilometers west, past Main Street East. A kilometer later, exit at Main Street West.
  6. Turn left on Main Street West.
  7. At 2.3 kilometers, you will go through some traffic lights where Main Street turns off to the left. Continue through the light. You are now on Osler Drive.
  8. At four kilometers from the 403, cross Governor's Road. This is our usual turn-off four Sulphur Springs, but we are not headed there.
  9. Shortly after this (4.3km from the 403), you will reach King Street. Turn left.
  10. Proceed 1.8 kilometers to Woodley's Lane. This is called Bruce by Google Maps. This is a small, semi-hidden read on the left. It is immediately before the railway bridge overpass. If you miss it, you will start climbing the escarpment.
  11. Park on the south side of Woodley's Lane. There is a golf course at the end of the road.

The hike starts at 11:15am.


Bring lots of water. It will be hot out.

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