Mountsberg Conservation Area

Date: Sunday 2012 April 1

Hike Leader: Deborah McDermott

Mountsberg Conservation Area has gentle terrain, perfect for that first hike of the season. You don't even need to pack a lunch, since It's Maple Syrup Time! You can purchase a lunch of pancakes and sausages, with maple syrup.

If you are not car pooling from York Mills and Yonge, we will be meeting at 11:00 a.m. in the parking lot in the Mountsberg Conservation Area .


  1. Take Highway 401 West to the Guelph Line. The cut-off is just past Milton.
  2. Drive south through the town of Campbellville to Campbellville Road.
  3. Turn right onto Campbellville Road and drive approximately 4 kilometers to Milborough Line. You will see Conservation area signs for Mountsberg as you get close to the Milborough Line.
  4. Turn right onto the Milborough Line and follow approximately 1 kilometer to the Conservation Area entrance. You will make a left hand turn to get in.

The admission fee to the Conservation area is $7.25 per person, a bit less if you are a senior.


This hike is rated easy and is about 10 kilometers. We hike by a lake with great lookouts and can climb a wooden tower for great views Also, there are maple syrup demonstrations