High Park Hiking Club

Hiking in the Greater Toronto Area! Each Sunday (mostly) during the spring and fall, we meet to car pool to parks and trails and go hiking. If you want a low impact work-out, fresh air and new people to meet, check us out.

We carpool from Old York Mills Road, usually at 10:00am. Always, always, always check our hike instructions for the latest information.

[Hikers at Niagara Gorge by Alan Backlund]


Saturday June 22
Collingwood weather for Saturday is heavy rain with thunderstorms this evening. We regret we must cancel this hike.
Friday June 21
We are watching the weather for Saturday. If we face thunderstorms tomorrow, we will cancel the hike. Please check ths website before heading out to Old York Mills Road.
Wednesday Jume 19
This weekend's hike is most of the way to Collingwood. Due to the long drive there and back, we are hiking Singhampton Caves on Saturday. Our Old York Mills Road, pickup will be at 9:00am, so that we can get started in a timeley manner. This is a Level 3 hike, with some climbing, and scrambling over rocks. The the hike leader is Howard Gibson.
Tuesday Jume 11
We have switched Sunday's hike from Hockley Valley, to Seaton Trails. The hike still is Katia Desz.
Wednesday Jume 5
Sunday's hike is Borer's Falls in Waterdown, with hike leader Carol Pyke.
Thursday May 30
This Sunday, we have a new hike, to Brock Tract, thanks to hike leader Katia Desz. This weekend is expected to be excellent hiking weather. We look forward to meeting a bunch of you.
Thursday May 23
Sunday's hike is to Grindstone Falls, and the hike leader is Carol Pyke. The parking lot at the trailhead is tiny, so this is an excellent day tocarpool.
Wednesday May 15
On Sunday, we are hiking Scarborough Bluffs Lake Ontario, with Bill Baird.
Thursday May 9
Due to unforseen circumstances, we have had to cancel this weekend's hike. Our next hike is Scarborough Bluffs Lake Ontario, next weekend, May 19.
Wednesday May 1
This Sunday, we hike Long Sault The hike leader is Howard Gibson.
Wednesday April 24
This Sunday's hike is to Northumberland County Forest The hike leader is Katia Desz again.
Wednesday April 17
In spite of the scary weather reports last Sunday, we had fantastic weather. Let's see what we can do this Sunday, at Dundas Valley. The hike leader is Katia Desz.
Saturday March 2
Ski season is just about over. It's too bad about the premature warm weather, but it looks like we can start hiking early. We are starting work on our Spring 2024 schedule. We have an email list. If you want to be on it, just ask. We are looking for hike leaders. If you are interested and you have a hike destintation, please contact us.
Thursday November 30
We have some issues with the coming Sunday hike, not the least of which is the weather. We have decided to cancel it. :( Hopefully, we will see you all next year.
Wednesday November 29
We have a final hike for the season, Oak Ridges Seneca College, with Katia Desz. Thank you to our hike leaders, and to everyone who showed up.
Thursday November 16
Our next hike is on Sunday, to Glen Haffy with hike leader Katia Desz.