Mount Nemo

Date: Sunday September 8

Hike leader: Howard Gibson

This will be a short and gentle hike, although there are some rocky bits. This is a great chance to get in shape for the serious stuff we do later. There are some excellent lookouts, so bring your camera.

Trail and Facility Guide

Directions There

  1. Cliffs at Mount Nemo 2004Apr10. Take Highway 401 west to exit 312, which is Guelph Line.
  2. Go left (or south) on Guelph Line through Campbellville and Lowville.
  3. Continue another 2.6 km and turn left into the Mount Nemo conservation area.

There is a $5 admission fee per vehicle. The hike will start at 11:00AM from the parking lot.

Oops! I just checked the website. Admission is $6.50 per adult.

If we need some more exercise, we will drive over to the nearby River and Ruin side trail, and hike that. To get to the nearby parking, we can drive west on Colling Road, then north on Blind Line. Parking is just south of Britannia Road.

Après Hike

Moser's Patio and Grille is a nice pub with tables out in their back yard. They are on Guelph Line, south of the park.