Après Hike


This is a social club. Part of the fun of being in a social club is socializing! This can be done on the hike. It can be done after the hike at a nice pub or restaurant. We need to know where these are.

Hopefully, this page is cellphone friendly. We should be able to surf it after the hike using personal devices. Nobody hikes with laptops.

We need a search tool for hikes on this page. Use the Find command to search for your hike! Feel free to contact us with any other places we can stop after hiking.

Belfountain Inn

This appears to be have shut down.

Website: http://www.belfountaininn.com
Address: 792 Forks of the Credit Road, Belfountain
Nearby Hikes: Alton Grange, Forks of the Credit

This is a small restaurant, with limited parking. There is no parking nearby. The food and beer are excellent. Their dinner menu and prices kick in at around 5:00pm. Finish your hike early!

Black Dog Pub

Website: http://blackdogpub.tv
Address: 87 Island Road, Toronto
Nearby Hikes: Rouge Valley, Seaton Trail

This is an excellent pub with lots of room, and a roof patio.

Caledon Inn

Website: http://villacaledoninn.com
Address: 16626 Airport Rd Caledon East
Nearby Hikes: Alton Grange, Forks of the Credit, Glen Haffey, Hockley Valley, Mono Centre

When driving down Airport Road, look for a practically unreadable gold on green sign for the James McCarty pub. If you reach Caladon East, you missed it.

The web page is Flash based and may not be cellphone friendly. We actually are interested in the James McCarty Pub. The pub is very small, but they have a large and very attractive patio. Sometimes there is an adequate pub menu. Sometimes they hand out their excellent dinner menu featuring Italian food.

The Church Pub

Website: http://churchpub.ca
Address: 17219 Highway 50, Palgrave
Nearby Hikes: Albion Hills, Alton Grange, Forks of the Credit, Palgrave

This is hard to read from a cellphone. It is an old church. They have a small dinng room and a small patio. The food and beer are excellent.

Ned Devine's Irish Pub

Website: http://www.neddevines.ca
Address: 575 Ontario Street South, Milton,
Nearby Hikes: Kelso, Mountsberg, Rattlesnake Point

This is an Irish pub with an excellent beer selection, good food, a large dining room, and a rooftop patio.

The Fox Goes Free

Website: http://thefoxgoesfree.ca
Address: 339 Kingston Rd, Pickering
Nearby Hikes: Rouge Valley, Seaton Trail

This ia an English style pub with a good selection of beer, and good pub food.

Humber River Pub

Website: Facebook
Address: 62 Queen St N, Bolton
Nearby Hikes: Albion Hills, Forks of the Credit, Humber Valley Heritage Trail, Palgrave

This is the old Black Bull. Historically, this is an English style pub.

Jordan House

Website: http://jordanhouse.ca
Address: 3751 Main St, Jordan Station
Nearby Hikes: Ball's Falls, Jordan, Twenty Valley

This is a good pub, located within walking distance of the parking spot for all sorts of wine tour hikes. They have decent beer, and bar food.

Loretto Tavern

Website: Facebook
Address: 7994 Simcoe County Road 1, Loretto
Nearby Hikes: Hockley Valley, Mono Centre, Primrose Boyne River

This is a very large Country and Western bar. They close early on Sundays, but not early enough to stop hikers. The Kareoke and line dancing are on Saturdays. They have bar food. If you have a lot of thirsty hikers, this is the place.

Mono Cliffs Inn

Website: http://www.monocliffsinn.ca
Address: 367006 Mono Centre Road, Mono Centre
Nearby Hikes: Mono Centre, Primrose Boyne River

Across the road from Mono Cliffs park, there is a restaurant, and a small basement pub. The food is excellent. The website is flash, and poorly adapted to cellphones.

Mylar and Loretas

Website: https://www.mylarandloretas.ca
Address: Grey County Road 124 Singhampton,
Nearby Hikes: Devil's Glen, Nottawasaga Bluffs, Pretty River, Singhampton Caves

This is an excellent country restaurant. The roast pork dinner is their specialty. There usually is lots of room if you get there before 5:00pm.

Royal Coachman Pub

Website: http://www.royalcoachmanpub.com/
Address: 1 Main Street North, Waterdown ON
Nearby Hikes: Waterdown, Grindstone Falls

This is a very nice English style pub, with a patio in warmer weather.

The St. George Pub

Website: http://thestgeorge.ca/
Address: 7 Main St North, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 3G9
Nearby Hikes: Scotsdale Farm, Limehouse

St. George is a proper English style pub, with proper pub food, and quite a bit of space for large hiking groups.

Zappi's Pizza

Website: http://www.zappispizza.com
Address: 6663 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls
Nearby Hikes: Niagara Gorge, Niagara Falls

This is an Italian restaurant with excellent pizza. The place is in the middle of Niagara and it is busy. You may have to wait for a table. They have a patio.

Mylar and Loretas Restaurant