Date: Sunday October 27

Hike Leader: Debbie McDermott

It has been a very long time since High Park Hiking Club has hiked at Limehouse.


From our meeting point at Yonge and York Mills...

  1. Take Highway 401 west to the Trafalgar Road exit.
  2. Go north on Trafalgar Road
  3. Turn left at Highway 7 at Georgetown. This is a "T" intersection with a stoplight.
  4. Turn left at Sideroad 22. This should be the next intersection.
  5. Keep left when you enter the village of Limehouse and see the public school on the right
  6. Go over the bridge.
  7. Veer right and turn immediately left on 5th Line.
  8. Go up the hill - the entrance to the park is on the left. There is lots of parking.

We will meet by the main entrance to the trails. Start time is approximatly 11:15 a.m. at the park.

Google Maps wants you to turn left from Trafalgar onto 17 Side Road, south of Highway 7. This may be hard to see. It would be best to follow Debbie's directions.


Hiking boots or running shoes with good treads are recommended. This hike will be shorter than average distance, slow - moderate pace, with some climbing

For those who would like refreshments afterwards - we will go to the St. George Pub on Highway 7 in Georgetown, east of Trafalgar Road.