Long Sault

Sunday 2015 April 12

Hike leader: Howard Gibson

Long Sault Conservation Area is located north of Bowmanville. It is part of the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority.

Directions from Yonge and York Mills

  1. Take Highway 401 east to exit 431, Regional Road 57,
  2. Go north on Regional Road 57 (about 18km, but keep your eyes open) to Regional Road 20 (concession 9). This might be called Boundary Road now.
  3. Turn right on Regional Road 20, travel a few kilometres to Woodley road,
  4. Turn left (north) on Woodley road. Travel to the end of the road to Long Sault's parking lot.

Pay and Display Parking is in effect at a cost of $5 per vehicle per day. Last year, this turned out to be a machine that accepted only coins. Bring five bucks change. This is another good reason to carpool.

We meet at 11:15am.

Level of Difficulty

The hike will be around twelve kilometers, with a some hills. The pace will be moderate.

As of 2015Mar26, the website reports signs of black bear. We should be safe in a noisy group. Don't wander off alone. If you see a bear, don't approach it. Do not run away. You will trigger the bear's instinct to chase. Bring a telephoto lens.

Be safe in bear country.

Après Hike

Is anybody familiar with bars in Bowmanville?

I propose Maddy's Pub & Restaurant at 7 Division Street, Bowmanville.