Pandemic Hiking

This is still preliminary. Email me, and/or leave comments on our Facebook page.

At of September 2022, Ontario has backed off of its COVID-19 protocols. The virus is still out there and we still need to take precautions. We want to resume hiking. We don't want to come down with COVID‑19, or infect anyone else with it.

In a pandemic, the hiking itself is fairly safe. We are outdoors, not in small enclosed spaces. There is no problem keeping distance between hikers, out on the trails. Our biggest safety problem is car pooling. We have the additional problem of contact tracing, in case a hiker comes down with COVID‑19.

We are not a large club with extensive logistics. We need to do some record keeping. We need to be careful when we manage people's personal information.

We now are looking into fall hiking.

HPHC Pandemic Carpooling Protocol

It is assumed here that people can get together, but that we must wear masks, and we must try to maintain social distancing. Almost certainly, we will restrict numbers.

  1. We would appreciate that everyone vaccinate themselves for COVID‑19. We will not collect paperwork because we don't want to be responsible for security.
  2. Hikes will be announced on MeetUp and posted on here on our website.
  3. Drivers may require passengers to wear masks. Passengers may wear masks regardless of drivers' instructions.
  4. At the trailhead, the hike leader will take attendance and ensure that hiker's names, phone numbers and email addresses are logged. Hikers must register for the event.
  5. We hike, maintaining the proper COVID‑distance. Maybe someone can bring a 2m stick for reference!
  6. Bars now are open, so those who are interested can stop for drinks and some food. We will strongly prefer patios.

Masks are not necessary for hiking, since we can keep our distance.

Are You Infected?

See the self-assessment on