Wine Tour

Saturday May 11

Hike Leader: Howard Gibson

Going longer distances for challenging hikes is fun. When we do it on Saturday, we have more time to wander around the site and linger at the restaurant, afterwards. We are headed for the Niagara Peninsula to hike the Bruce Trail through wine country. If you have a Bruce Trail guide, look at Map 4.

Wine tasting is a cool way break up the stages of a hike.


The hike starts in the town of Jordan. As of 2013Mayh03, this has been changed from Balls Falls. Don't worry, we will hike past Balls Falls.

  1. From Yonge and York Mills, get to the QEW westbound. Highways 401 and 403 should do it.
  2. Keep to the left and continue on the QEW past the exit to Highway 403, across the Burlington Skyway.
  3. Continue on past Hamilton.
  4. Look for Jordan Road. This is the next exit after Victoria Avenue.
  5. Go south on Jordan Road to Fourth Avenue.
  6. Turn right on Fourth Avenue and proceed to the T-intersection at 19th Street.
  7. Turn left at 19th Street and drive north to Jordan,
  8. Watch on your right for two parking lots marked by stacks of small wine barrels. The first lot is gravel, and I am not sure what it is for. The second lot is where we can park.
  9. Park!

We will try to start the hike at 11:45am. Let's hope it does not rain this time.


On this hike, we will hike out to Calamus Estate Winery. We will stop for lunch at Balls Falls. We should make it out to Featherstone Estate Winery, on Victorial Avenue. If the group moves quickly, we will reach Vineland Estates Winery on Moyer Road. With incredible luck and speed, we could make it to Tawse Winery, a bit further on.

There are some other winerys in the area worth a visit. I like Stoney Ridge Winery on King Street, east of Jordan. I also checked out Di Profio Wines, south of Jordan, on 19th street.


This hike will be level 2 with some serious hills and stairclimbs. We will try for some decent kilometers, so you need to be in shape. It is Saturday. We can get home late.

There are a couple of reasonably priced pubs in the area, where we can eat afterwards.