Rating Hikes

The Hike Ontario Certification and Awards Committee has worked out a systematic hike rating system, which is reproduced below. We will look into using this as a rating system for High Park Hiking Club hikes.

Hike Rating

The following is ripped off entirely from Hike Ontario's hike leader training manual.


Level 1
Well defined trails, gentle inclines. Hiking boots not required, but trails may be wet. Suitable for beginners. Recommended for newcomers to club activites.
Level 2
Generally on trail. May be hilly, light bushwacking, some rough spots or obstacles. Boots recommended.
Level 3
Rough terrain. One or more of extensive bushwacking, steep sections, long climbs and descents, beaver dams or other obstacles, rock scrambling. Boots, level 2 experience, and a high level of fitness essential. Long pants and sleeves recommended.


2-3 km/hr
3-4 km/hr
5 km/hr or greater


The hike distance in kilometers.

Special Features

Parking fee, entrance fee, special hazards, unique features to be seen on hike.