Primrose Boyne River

Date:Sunday October 6
Hike Leader:Andy Hueton
Difficulty:Level 2
Invitation: Meetup
Start at Trailhead:11:45am

[Primrose Boyne River Photo] This is a challenging hike with a lot of hills, some wet parts, and a distance of around fifteen kilometers. The trail is shown on Page 20 in your Bruce Trail guide.


Parking at the site is limited. We would really appreciate it if you would show up at Yonge and York Mills for carpooling.

Primrose is located way up Highway 10, north of Orangeville. Starting from York Mills, and detouring around downtown Brampton...

  1. Head for Highway 401 westbound, and drive to Highway 410.
  2. Drive north on Highway 410. This now turns west to connect with Highway 10.
  3. Drive north on Highway 10. You will pass through Orangeville. Primrose, is located about twenty kilometers north of Orangeville.
  4. You will reach the sign for Primrose, then you will reach traffic lights at the intersection of Highways 10 and 89.
  5. Drive through the light (on the green, of course). You are now driving north on Prince of Wales Road. You will almost immediately pass a school, the road will turn right and go down a hill. The parking is at the bottom of the hill, across a bridge. There is not much room, so please try to park close together. Thank you.

Google Maps.

GPS address: 636009-636299 Prince of Wales Rd, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S0

The hike will start at the trailhead at 11:45am.


Probably, we will climb Murphy's Pinnacle, shown in the photo, a sand and gravel kame created during the glacial retreat 12,000 years ago. There is quite a view from up on top.