Date:Sunday April 15
Hike Leader:Bohdan Bilyj
Difficulty:Level 2
Invitation: Meetup
Start at Trailhead:11:00am

Cancelled due to bad weather.


From our meeting point at Yonge and York Mills.

  1. Take Highway 401 west to Highway 409.
  2. Take Highway&bbsp;409 to Highway 427 north.
  3. Go northy of Highway 427 to its end at Zenway Blvd, just north of Highway 7.
  4. Turn left, west, and drive west to Highway 50. There is a large Food Basic on the corner.
  5. Turn right, north on Highway 50.
  6. Drive north on Highway 50 until you reach Bolton. Here it becomes Queen Street. Continue into the Bolton, down the big hill into the older town.
  7. The traffic lights at the bottom of the hill are for King Street. Cross King Street and turn left at the next street, Sterne Street. There is a Mr. Sub on the north west corner.
  8. On Sterne Street, turn right on to the P-lot, then drive to the north end.
  9. Park. You can park at the far end behind the Humber River Pub, where we will have dinner after the hike.

We meet at the parking lot and start the hike just across the street.

Here are the Google Map instructions. This takes you to 7 Timothy Street, Bolton, behind the Humber River Pub.

Après Hike

We are starting our hike from behind the Humber River Pub. This used to be the Black Bull. We might as well stop there when we are done!