Hiking Etiquette

Hiking in a Group

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A few simple rules make it much easier to hike with a group.

If you want to stop and take pictures, try to work your way to the front of the group. This gives you time for some Kodak moments. When the sweep shows up, please get moving.

Car Pooling

This email came up after one of our hikes...

Is there any way you can put out an email to all our members asking them not to wear perfume etc. if they're going to be sharing a vehicle? I had someone in my carpool on Sat. who was soaked in it, and I'm still trying to get the smell out of my upholstery etc. :-(

It also attracts bugs while hiking! Lol

Some Other Hiking Rules

Ask permission before touching or petting other people's animals. You don't want to scare or spook dogs, horses or any other critter someone may be hiking with.

Do not bring pets on High Park Hiking Club hikes. We do not know how your dog will behave around new people.

On any road with cars on it, hike on the side facing traffic.

Trail User's Code

Large sections of the Bruce Trail, as well as the Oakridges Moraine and Ganaraska trail run on private property. The owners generously allow everyone on. Much of the remaining trail runs through Ontario parks.

This is what the Bruce Trail Guide says...