Humber Valley Heritage Trail

Hike leader: Howard Gibson

Date: Sunday, September 16

Jonathan Ho photo The Humber Valley Heritage Trail runs along the Humber valley from the Bruce Trail and the Caledon Trailway, through Bolton, to past Caledon King Town Line South. There are plans for it to run all the way down to Lake Ontario. There are also plans for the Oak Ridges trail to meet all of this, somewhere in the general area.

Their webpage now is The old no longer works.


Please show up for carpooling at Yonge and York Mills. We want to make sure everyone who wants to go hiking goes hiking.

From Yonge and York Mills...

  1. Drive west on Highway 401, to Highway 409.
  2. Drive west on Highway 409, to Highway 427.
  3. Drive north on Highway 427 to the very end at Highway 7, then turn left.
  4. Drive across to Highway 50, then turn right. The sign does not clearly say Highway 50, but it does say Bolton.
  5. Drive on Highway 50 until you reach Bolton. You will cross a bridge over train tracks and shortly after, will go down a hill and drive through the old part of the town. The traffic light at the bottom of the hill is King Street.
  6. Drive through the light (on the green of course!) and cross the bridge.
  7. Immediately after the bridge, turn left onto Hickman Street.
  8. From Hickman Street, turn right onto Glasgow Road. This intersection comes up almost immediately.
  9. Glasgow Road winds a bit around a park on the left hand side. You are looking for the parking lot for Dick's Dam Park. This is also on the left hand side.
  10. Park!

Hike Rating

This is a level 2 hike requiring hiking boots. There are some serious hills, and we are doing a bit over seventeen kilometers. The speed will be moderate to fast.

Bolton is not very far from Toronto, so we will try to get the hike going at 11:15am.