Rouge Valley

Date:Sunday October 29
Hike Leader:Robert Freeman
Distance:around 12km
Difficulty:Level 2
Start at Trailhead:11:00am

This is an easy, short hike with a couple of climbs. This also is very close to the city.


From our meeting point at Yonge and York Mills.

  1. Take Highway 401 east to Meadowvale.
  2. Go north on Meadowvale.
  3. Turn right, east, on Sheppard Avenue.
  4. Shortly after, make a left onto Twyn Rivers Drive.
  5. Pass the small parking lot on your right, as you round the first turn. Continue about 1.5 kilometres on the windy road, crossing a couple of narrow bridges.
  6. Look for a large parking lot on your right. It has a dirt surface.

The lot is for the Rouge Park Celebration Forest through which we will hike.


Terrain is generally flat and trails wide. Blazes are clearly marked. Hikers need to follow the blazes, as other trails have been forged along the way.

Maybe this time we can do the whole thing, including the landfill mountain.

Après Hike

Usually after hiking in this area, we wind up at the Black Dog Pub.

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