Seaton Trail

Date:Sunday April 24
Hike Leader:Bohdan Bilyj
Difficulty:Level 2

This is the familiar old Seaton Trail, except that this time, we are doing an end-to-end, from a different parking lot.


From our meeting point at Yonge and York Mills.

  1. Take Highway 401 east to Brock Road, exit 399.
  2. Drive north 3.5 kilometres on Brock Road to Concession Road 3 and turn left, west. This intersection is marked as Deckers Hill on Google Maps.
  3. Drive to the end, past Valley Farm Rd. The parking lot is on the left.

Here are the directions from Google Maps.

Shuttle Directions

We start hiking from Highway 7.

  1. Drive back east to Brock Road, then left, north.
  2. Drive past Taunton Road, and Highway 407, and turn left at Highway 7.
  3. Drive 6.57 kilometres past Sidelines 24, 26, 28, and orth Road.
  4. When when you get to Sideline 32, slow down and look for the Seaton Trail sign on the left. The parking lot is right there. This is the start of our Seaton trail hike.

The hike leader will provide maps of the shuttle route and a map to get to the pub. Here it is from Google Maps.


The hike leader has proposed The Fox Goes Free at Kingston and Altona Roads, for after the hike.

  1. From the south end parking lot, drive back to Brock Road.
  2. Turn right, south, on Brock Road, and drive to Kingston Road.
  3. Turn right, west, on Kingston Road, and travel 6.5 kilometres to The Fox pub. It is located on the left side just past Rougemont Road. and before the lights at Altona Road. The pub is set in from Kingston Road, and difficult to spot right away, so slow down before you get to Altona.

Google Maps wants you to go south at Valley Farm Road.