Alton Grange

[Alton Grange Sign]

Date:Sunday September 20
Hike Leader:Howard Gibson
Difficulty:Level 2
Invitation: TBD
Start at Trailhead;11:15am

This hike will be run under our Pandemic Hiking rules.

We will not organize car pooling for this hike. Everybody will meet at the trail head at the scheduled time.

Alton Grange is an old park which used to have a side trail of the Bruce Trail running through it to connect to the Grand Valley trail. The Grand Valley Trail ends just north of Alton. The park now is being maintained by the Alton Grange Association. Hopefully, the beavers have not blocked anything.

This is mostly a gentle hike, ideal for getting your legs back in shape for the next few weeks. There is one steep hill where we will stop for lunch, and enjoy the view.

On the way back, we will visit the Alton Mill art gallery. Basically, we leave our packs at the door and spend forty minutes looking at all the art. You can also check out the old power plant in the basement.

According to their website, the gallery is open, but we are required to space ourselves out.

Directions there

Alton is located up Highway 10, near Caledon. Starting from York Mills, and detouring around downtown Brampton...

Google maps sends you up Willoughby Road which is a bit shorter. Main Street and Beechgrove Side Road have better signage. Your GPS address is 1591-1799 Beechgrove Side Rd, Alton, Ontario. L7K 0E2.

The hike starts at 11:15.

Level of Difficulty

The terrain is Level 2. There are a couple of hills, including one big one, which happens to be a great lunch spot. Sometimes beavers flood the valley. Otherwise, this is an easy hike.


We are not planning a drinks and dinner stop on the way back. We do not yet know the state of the restaurants and bars out there.